Useful Information
I. Form of Free Visit: Advance reservation, ticket claiming before visit

II. Time for Reservation: Advance reservation is required for visiting. Online reservation is available around the clock, while telephone reservation is available from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Tickets for the same day cannot be reserved after 12 o’clock every day.

III. Way of Reservation and Ticket Claiming
1.For individual visitors, reservations can be made through the official website of the Capital Museum or the reservation telephone, and no more than 5 free tickets can be reserved per capita at one time. Tickets can be claimed with the reservation number or the valid documentation used in reserving on the day of visiting.
2. For group visitors or travel agencies, reservations can be made by telephone. Tickets can be claimed in advance since the second day after the day of successful reservation with the reference letter of the company or the valid documentation of the group leader, or claimed at the spot on the same day of visiting.

IV. Time and Location of Ticket Claiming and Entry:
Time of Ticket Claiming and Entry: 9 am to 4 pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Monday
Location of Ticket Claiming and Entry: For individual visitors, claiming tickets at the north gate; for group visitors and travel agencies, claiming tickets at the east gate on B1.

V. Special Instructions:
1. For the aged, the disabled and the army men, please come to visit directly with valid documentation and no reservation is required
2. For specific information, please visit the official website of the Capital Museum or call the consulting telephone.
3. In case of big activities or special exhibitions when the reservation methods of visiting need adjusting, the Capital Museum will give public notice through various media or the official website of the museum.

VI. Relevant Information:
Website of the Capital Museum:
Individual Reservation Telephone: 63393339 Group Reservation Telephone: 63370458
Consulting Telephone: 63370491/63370492 Complaint Telephone: 63370490

Notice to visitors:
1. Admission by ticket only. No smoking inside the museum.
2.Please accept the security check and obey the relevant provisions of the Museum and follow the instruction of the working staff.
3.People having difficulty in moving about or with potential disease should be accompanied by others.
4.Please exercise caution for some exhibition halls have smooth floors and dark light.
5.Please exercise caution and protect your personal articles when passing the ladders, alleyways and corridors. Please maintain public hygiene. Dispose of waste only in marked litter containers.
6.Those who are not properly dressed, inebriated or suffering from mental disorders shall not enter the Museum.
7.No drinks, food or the utensils, animals, combustible and explosive goods, dangerous articles, controlled instruments and other dangerous articles shall be taken into the museum. Video recording and flash photography are forbidden.
8.Tripods are not allowed in exhibition halls.
9.Please don’t touch the exhibits. Do not climb or lie down.
10.Please observe public order. Shoes having wheels such as roller-skates and Heelys are prohibited inside the museum. Please speak quietly and avoid running, playing and using mobile phones in the exhibition halls.

Subway: Muxidi Station, Line 1
Bus No. 1, No. 4, No. 52 and No. 37 to the stop “Gonghuidalou” (Labor Union Building)
No. 937, No. 727, No. 717, No. 650, No. 708, No. 26, No. 319 to the stop Baiyun Rd.
Special Bus No. 1 to the stop “Muxidi”
Number for telephone reservation: 63370491 63370492